French Art Deco Stunning Boudoir Wax Doll Head

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Circa 1920's beautiful French boudoir doll head made of wax.  Her make-up is original as is her brown, rooted hair. She is stunning and dramatically reflects the period. She looks exactly like you would expect a roaring 20's flapper to look like.
Her face is beautifully painted with big blue downcast eyes, dark pupils and painted bottom lashes. They have faded a bit but you can still see them. Her small perfect lips are painted a dark crimson. The color is strong and her lips still shine. Her hair is curly and she still has a faded pale pink decoration (may be a vintage crepe paper flower) in her hair with a bobby-pin. I think she may have had a decoration on the other side of her head originally as it looks like there is a place for it. There is a flat spot on her nose as you can see in the photos. Other than what I have mentioned, she is in fantastic condition.

The doll head measures app 4 1/4" L and 2 1/2" W at its widest point.