Celluloid Necklace With Carved/Beaded Compact Pendant

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Beautiful celluloid necklace with a delicately carved pendant with nouveau design. There are 4 pale pink beads within the design - 3 small and 1 larger center bead. The pendant slides open (L to R and R to L) to reveal a beveled mirror. Celluloid is pale yellow in color. The back of the pendant is embossed and reads 'Souvenir of Portland, ME'.
Condition: there is a small separation in the celluloid on the inner rim of the mirror.
There is also a small separation in the celluloid just above the top of the mirror that  is not visible when the compact is closed. These can be seen in the close-up pics below. They are small and do not detract from the beauty and uniqueness of the piece.The necklace fits over the head.

Oval pendant measures app 3" L and 1 3/4"W
Celluloid chain measures app 11 3/4" L
Drop from chain for pendant measures app 1 3/8" L. These are 3 larger links than chain.