Set Of Three Bakelite/Catalin Pencil Sharpeners

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Scotty Sharpener is a deep butterscotch catalin/bakelite with marbling. At the bottom of Scottys legs you can see the original green bakelite color before the sharpener oxidized.Measures app 1'H, 1 3/8" W and 3/8" D. 

The Charlie McCarthy Sharpener is yellow marbled catalin/bakelite. Graphic colors are bright with 'Charlie McCarthy' written in red and marked copyright C.Mc. Inc. Measures app 1 3/4" H, 1"W and 3/8" D. 

The Snow White sharpener is green with yellow marbling. Graphic colors are bright and clear with 'Snow White' written in black and marked copyright W.D.Ent. Measures 1 5/8"H, 1"W and 3/8"D.

All in very good condition. All for one price.